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We're student from Polytechnic Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Perlis in Semester 4 received a task for subject Visitor Interpretation Services to find out a place and interpret to others. We have make a decision to choose Nira Nipah Farm located at Kuala Sanglang Perlis because have it own uniqueness in North beside Nira Nipah that leads to a greater attraction among the local and foreign tourists.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Nipah Palm & Neera

Have you ever heard about Nipah, Palm Sap or Neera?

Nypa fruticans or known as nipah palm is a plant that can be widely found in the Asean countries. Its the only palm considered adapted to the mangroves. In the village, almost all the palm tree can be exploited by human. The life expectancy of palm tree can reaching up to 50 years. Palm sap is a natural drink that is well received not only from Malay community but also from others communities. Sap production from nipa produces an intoxicating beverage, sugar, vinegar and alcohol that may be used as fuel. Further research in nipa sap production, together with development of more efficient collection and handling methods, might enhance the usefulness of this palm. According to the one guys that we met, he designed to sell neera because has a high demand from local and foreign tourist. He said "i can sell up to 50 packs of neera per day if the weather is hot. If its rains, 5 packs of Neera was difficult to sell"

The Process of Taking Neera

Video On How Taking Neera Nipa   

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